ORO® Miniature Sanding Paper Roll P220有柄砂纸轮

产品编号: 0012-0008
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Now even more convenient for your jewelry abrasive and  finishing processes, this aluminum oxide sandpaper cartridge roll comes already mounted on a 3mm mandrel, ready to install in your flex shaft or other dremel rotary tool and go to jewelry making work. The mandrel is color-coded to help you quickly and accurately select the abrasive grade you want as you work.for jewelry abrasive and finishing  As the jewelry abrasive wears, simply peel the paper back and tear it off to expose fresh abrasive.
Made by imported, high quality water-proof sandpaper.
The roll is made up of two 9" (230mm) lengths of high-quality abrasive paper.


Brand: ORO
Country of origin: China

Grit Speed(RPM) Item Code
P180 5000 0012-0007
P220 5000 0012-0008
P240 5000 0012-0009
P280 5000 0012-0010
P320 5000 0012-0011
P400 5000 0012-0012
P600 5000 0012-0013
P800 5000 0012-0014
P1000 5000 0012-0015
P1200 5000 0012-0016
P1500 5000 0012-0017
P2000 5000 0012-0018
P2500 5000 0012-0019
P3000 5000 0012-0020
P5000 5000 0012-0021