ORO® Radial Bristle Disc 600# Purple 紫色75mm抛光耐磨片

产品编号: 0011-0467
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How to use radial bristle dics
15mm /20mm/25mm/75mm radial bristle discs
Get fast, superior results with radial bristle discs. The abrasive/flexible bristle design provides a uniform finish; stack between three and six discs on one mandrel to create the width that best suits your task. Use them for heavy cleaning, for removing firescale and light oxide, and for pre-polishing, semi-finishing, blending, texturing and polishing. Discs provide the convenience of a pre-charged abrasive but don’t generate the heat associated with rubber wheels.

Please note that the purchase of Inner Hub(as picture 2 shown) is needed to operate the radical disc.
• Remove oxides from jewelry without using messy compounds.
• Clean and maintain hard-to-reach areas and fine detail.
• Embedded Cubitron™ mineral abrasive is much harder than most metals.
• Recommended handpiece speed is 15,000rpm.
• Maximum is 20,000rpm.
Brand: ORO
Country of origin: China





 Item Code 

80# 75 Green 15000-20000 0011-0451
120# 75 Blue 15000-20000 0011-0455
220# 75 Red 15000-20000 0011-0459
320# 75 Brown 15000-20000 0011-0463
600# 75 Purple 15000-20000 0011-0467
1000# 75 Green 15000-20000 0011-0471