RENHE119 Brush Micromotor With Handpiece 35000rpmSpeed Controled Pedal 119有碳刷快速打磨机

产品编号: MTAB0007
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A micromotor is a small, rotary power tool that is ideal for polishing, drilling, grinding plus many other bench jobs. This Renhe119S micromotor from Marathon offers you a money-saving and space-saving powerhouse that you will find invaluable at your bench.


• A base unit/control box with a variable speed dial and both forward and reverse options. Set the dial to the speed you want and use the foot pedal to power on and off, or flip a switch that allows you to use the dial itself to control on/off and vary your speed as you work. Designed for  voltage capability 220 volts. Measuring just 4-1/2" x 6", the base takes up little precious bench space and, weighing only 4 lbs., it is easy to maneuver around the shop and easy to take on the road to trade shows or craft fairs.

• A slim, quiet-running handpiece . The motor runs at speeds up to 35,000rpm.  Its coiled, lightweight cord (just 9.5 ozs.) is flexible, maneuverable, and easy to manage.

• Speed foot pedal

• An independent handpiece stand that lets you set the handpiece down safely nearby.

  • Brand : RENHE
  • Model or style no. :RENHE119
  • Power : 220 volts
  • Country of origin : China